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Living With Wildlife
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With over 850 different bird species, 760 reptile species and approximately 390 mammal species in Australia, chances are most people will encounter wildlife at some stage. Most native wildlife will unobtrusively occupy available bushland and ‘go about their business of finding food, avoiding predators and raising a family’. Some species are able to adapt well to human modified habitats and may become seasonal or frequent visitors to suburban dwellings; some even become permanent residents.

However, the sad fact is that most species are not able to adapt to human modified environments, and therefore activities that reduce or remove their available living space or habitat will contribute to their eventual decline or loss from that area. Activities that threaten our native wildlife include loss of habitat and fragmentation of bushland into smaller and more isolated pockets; usually associated with urban development. Feral animals and domestic pets are also threats as they can make these smaller bushland pockets even more dangerous for native animals, particularly at night.

Wildlife Queensland is dedicated to protecting our native animals. Find out about Queensland’s wildlife and how you can learn more and get involved.