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The natural world is powerful, and often requires interpretation. Wildlife Australia is a hub for those who value their relationship with nature and wish to enrich it with knowledge.

A subscription to Wildlife Australia won't cure lumbago, sciatica, rickets or whooping cough but it will cure two modern ailments: dislocation from nature and existential malaise.

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A peek inside the Spring 2015 edition

Torres Strait pigeon on nest
Photo © Daryl Dickson

Keeping faith: 50 years of counting Torres Strait pigeons

Suzie Smith and Liz Downes celebrate an enduring commitment to a lovely summer migrant - one of the longest wildlife population monitoring efforts in the world.





Melophorus turneri
Photo © DG Knowles (Spineless Wonders)

How ants aid seeds

Australians boast of being athletic but our ants deserve more accolades, for they are far and away the world's best haulers of seeds, report Caitin Pascov and her co-researchers.






Crow with leaf stem
Photo © Gavin Hunt

Canny crows: tool-making on a Pacific island

We all know crows are smart. But Gavin Hunt will upend your thinking about animal intelligence with the latest revelations about New Caledonia's tool-making crows.






Xysticus bimaculatus
Photo © Marlis Dumke

Sharing a nest: Australia's group-living crab spiders

Caring, sharing spiders? Marlis Dumke portrays some stereotype-defying Australian spiders.






Photo © Christina Port

The benefits of togetherness

Australia is a very social land. Carol Booth explores some of the varieties of sociality in Australian wildlife.


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