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A peek inside the Summer 2014 edition

Brush-tailed rabbit rat
Photo © Brendan Schembri

Australian mammals: Have they a future?

To celebrate: Australia has the most distinctive mammals in the world. To lament: 10 percent of species unique to this country have been lost in 200 years, more than was realised and far more than anywhere else. The supposedly more enlightened concerns and actions of our generation have not cured a deeply rooted environmental malaise. The rate of mammal extinctions has not slowed. But we can stop the losses, say ecologists John Woinarski, Andrew Burbidge and Peter Harrison. Their new action plan tells us how.




Rhagada sheai
Photo © Vince Kessner

Secrets under the boab

The dramatic landscapes of Australia's north-west are a frontier for wildlife discoveries, none more surprising than a plethora of land snails, as Frank Kohler reveals. In 30 years the number of known species has gone from 50 to nearly 300.






Lady beetle
Photo © Katarina Christenson

Flamboyant Orange

Feeling pessimistic, discontented or psychotic? Maybe you need a dose of orange. Carol Booth explores the biological significance of one of the rarer colours in nature's palette.


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