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Embrace a wilder life by subscribing to Wildlife Australia. We can’t bring you nature that will scratch and bite but here is the next best thing: stories and images from those whose care for nature comes from deep insights.

The nature experience can be powerful, but often requires interpretation. Wildlife Australia is a hub for people who value their relationship with nature and know it is enriched by knowledge. 

A subscription to Wildlife Australia won't cure lumbago, sciatica, gout, rickets or whooping cough but it will cure two modern ailments: dislocation from nature and existential malaise.

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Wildlife Australia is a not-for-profit magazine and all proceeds go to support wildlife conservation projects.

Cover Photo © Michael Snedic         

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Inside the Winter 2014 edition of Wildlife Australia

Major Mitchell cockatoo
Photo © Julian Robinson

The heartache of wildlife ethics

Freya Mathews

Looking for a way through the thorny ethical thickets of killing animals for conservation

Australia’s other mammals: the mice and rats

Bill Breed

From out of the shadows of our iconic marsupials, Australia’s astoundingly diverse rodents

Dragons of distinction

Steve G Wilson

Australia’s often showy but enigmatic dragons.

Perpetual day

Darryl Jones

What does it means for wildlife when the dark is banished?

The charisma stakes

Tim Low

Charisma in nature and how it boosts and warps conservation.

Photo © Graham Wise

Greatness of a nation: wildlife care in Australia

Carol Booth & Lee K Curtis

Wildlife rehabilitation has much to contribute to conservation.

The wonderful waddi tree

Jon Luly

This tree is worthy of your utmost respect.

Some are less equal: legal protections for wildlife

Dominique Thiriet

Contradictions, exemptions and gaping holes are rife in laws meant to protect wildlife.

A peaty archive: the patterned fens of the Great Sandy region

Patrick Moss

Central Bearded Dragon
Photo © Steve G Wilson

Reading the past from the peaty bottom of globally unique wetlands.

Snake charmer: the brown falcon

Penny Olsen

The closest we get to an Australian snake‑eating specialist.

Conserving our invertebrate heritage

Tim New

Seven impediments to the conservation of invertebrates.

A blow-in blowie beauty

Carol Booth

Killer, healer, pollinator, decomposer, the Australian sheep blowfly is not just a pretty face.

Orange Palm Dart
Photo © Dianne Clarke

Butterfly mania, birdwings and a book

Roger Kitching

A new book about Richmond birdwings.


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