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A peek inside the Winter 2015 edition

Eastern curlew with crab prey
Photo © Dean Ingwersen

Global travellers in trouble

One of the world's great natural wonders - the epic migrations of shorebirds between Australia and the northern hemisphere tundra - is in imminent danger of collapsing, warns Alison Russell-French.

Although some shorebird habitats in Australia have been destroyed or degraded, and populations of resident shorebirds in many areas have also dropped, the patterns of recent declines suggest the main problems for migratory shorebirds lie outside Australia.





Sacred lotus
Photo © Michael Schmid

Chill strategies

Snuggle up and marvel at how other lifeforms keep warm. Warm-blooded fish, self-heating plants and shivering insects defy the old stereotypes about warm-blooded and cold-blooded.

A thermally challenged Carol Booth explores strategies for coping with the cold.






Pan gnamma
Photo © Pildappa Brian Timms

The quick and the tough: Australia's gnamma animals

Few transformations on earth are as rapid and dramatic as those of gnammas after rain. In no other habitat are you likely to see zero species one week and 50 three weeks later.

In a land of extremes, zoologist Brian Timms is tracking life in one of the most extreme habitats of all.






Alpine carpet heath fruit
Photo © Susanna Venn

Plant life in the snow country

While less than 0.15 percent of our continent is carpeted in snow and qualifies as alpine, the Australian Alps bioregion is a biodiversity hotspot.

Plant ecologist Susanna Venn reveals how some of nature's greatest beauties are also its toughest, and just what it takes to thrive in the alpine zone.


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