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Further Scrutiny of Australia’s environment
Huge win for the Reef
North Stradbroke Native Title
LOLA another blow to the environment
Queensland Feral Animal Strategy
Fraser Island Dingo Strategy
Government to reduce community rights?
Offsets under review
Reviving the amazing Mary River Turtle
More protection for koalas
Plastic bag free March
It pays to speak out
Commonwealth limits access to courts
Climate Change day of action
Mining continues on North Straddie
Winner - Cover of the Year
The Great Extinctiton Debate 2013
Federal Election - changed climate
Batty Boat Cruises 2013-2014
Closer to Environmental Disaster
Bird paradise at risk
National or recreational parks in Queensland?
Student Research Grants - 2013
Opera house traps continue to kill
Rare fungi feeder hops into limelight
Are Plant Species at Risk?
Congratulations Professor Possingham
Great Barrier Reef at risk!
New Wild dog check fence
Protect our national parks - NOT ON!
Government land tenure in Queensland
Give a Gift to Wildlife Queensland
Grazing on Parks: questions to be asked
Power to protect our national parks!
Grazing on Parks: where is the science?
Government Action to Protect Wildlife
The swing of the pendulum
Mothers Day Vigil
Power to Move on Flying Fox camps
Job opportunity at Wildlife Queensland!
Quoll Seeking Success!
Biodiversity concern or electioneering?
Has 'Can-Do' Campbell gone batty?
Biosecurity Bill 2012 Delayed
Community support curlews of Coochie
Qld Government encourages Shale Oil
Coral Sea Marine Reserve – a step closer
Action on the Fisheries Front
Proposed EPBC Act Amendments
An Environmental Valentine
Silt threatens Moreton Bay
Green Zone fishing push rejected
Comment on Coral Sea management plan
The social dimensions of feeding wildlife
Showcasing Australian Conservation
Nature Conservation update
Helping conservation in Vietnam
Council of Australian Governments Meeting
What is the Federal Government thinking?
Nature Conservation amendment bill
Mahogany Glider update
PlatypusWatch update
Grey Cross campaign update
Largest Network of marine reserves
Pied imperial-pigeon monitoring project
The Grey Cross Bats Campaign
Death by Barbed Wire
Koala Funding Boost
Failing to protect Woondum National Park
Environment and the Qld Government
Marine Reserves Update
Flying Foxes Targeted
Threatened Species Day
Talking Wildlife - Visual Summaries
Qld Government to allow shooting of bats
Quolls under threat near Warwick
Threatened Species Day: 7 September
Myrtle Rust - help reduce its impact
Surviving the Magpie Season
Government land tenure inquiry
DestinationQ - but what about nature?
Conservation projects with a bright future
EDO faces financial challenge
Friends of Taunton National Park
The Future for Flying Foxes
Great Barrier Reef's World Heritage at Risk
New Weeds of National Significance
Nathan Dam back on the agenda
Two major Queensland water projects
The vulnerable koala: are we in time?
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Keep up to date with current wildlife news.

These short articles summarise news about Wildlife Queensland activities or information about recent developments in wildlife issues that reflect the Society's interests.

For past news articles, visit the news archive.

TFurther scrutiny of Australia’s environment

Reassuringly, the Senate Standing Committee on Environment and Communications has embarked on yet more inquiries involving the environment and its management ... more

Huge win for the Reef

The UNESCO World Heritage Committee meeting in Doha, Qatar, on 18 June 2014 was a huge win for the future of the Great Barrier Reef and the millions who united around the world in its passionate support ... more

Supporting native title on North Stradbroke

Wildlife Queensland has expressed our support of the Quandamooka People of North Stradbroke Island and their actions in the High Court recently in defence of their native title rights ... more

LOLA Bill another blow to the environment

The Land and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2014 being rushed through Queensland parliament is yet another threat to our environment and its wildlife. ... more

Queensland Feral Animal Strategy Consultation Draft

Feral animal impacts affect our environment, economy and society. It is estimated that feral animal impacts cost primary producers $215 million annually and impacts on the environment may be even greater ... more

Fraser Island Dingo Conservation and Risk Management Strategy

Wildlife Queensland was invited to attend an Annual Collaborative Meeting on 5 March 2014 to discuss the Fraser Island Dingo Conservation and Risk Management Strategy of July 2013 ... more

Government to reduce community participation rights?

The current Mining Lease Notification and Objection Discussion Paper indicates the intention of the Newman government to reduce people’s rights to express their views on mining projects ... more

Offsets under review

Wildlife Queensland is opposed to environmental offsets as a mechanism to permit development in places where it should not occur ... more

Reviving the amazing Mary River Turtle

They say you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone! That was almost the case for the Mary River Turtle. It wasn’t until 1994 that they were described as a new species - by then they were on the edge of extinction ... more

More protection for koalas

In 2013, the Commonwealth Government released a document, a draft of referral guidelines about vulnerable koalas, to be applied to the Environmental Preservation & Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act for comment ... more

Plastic bag free March - please participate

Wildlife Queensland is partnering with the Queensland Conservation Council (QCC) in the fight to rid Queensland of single-use plastic shopping bag ... more

It pays to speak out

A resident of Gold Coast City recently noted with concern the significant environmental harm that irresponsible four-wheel-drivers were causing in the vicinity of the Birds Road crossing of the Coomera River ... more

Commonwealth Government acts to limit court action

The Commonwealth Government introduced legislation to allow the Environmental Minister to ignore his own scientific advice when considering matters of national environmental significance ... more

National day of action on climate change

'The temperature is rising – but we are rising too!'. So rang the chant as hundreds rallied on Townsville’s Strand for the national day of action on climate change on Sunday 17 November ... more

Mining to continue on North Stradbroke Island

In yet another blow for the environment, sand mining is to continue until 2035. The Newman Government’s legislation winds back the hard fought for environmental gains under the previous Government ... more

Magazine Cover of the Year – we WON!

Wildlife Australia is excited and proud to be voted category winner in The Maggies 2013, Magazine Cover of the Year Awards, celebrating and recognising the best magazine covers in Australia ... more

The Great Extinction Debate - 2013

Biology at its wildest, most combative & entertaining. Ccelebrating a survival success – 50 years of continuous publication by Wildlife Australia ... more

Federal Election – the climate has changed

It has not taken the newly elected Federal Government long. In the first few days of government, agencies with a focus on Climate Change and even the apolitical Climate Commission have been abandoned ... more

Batty Boat Cruises 2013-2014

Join Wildlife Queensland Brisbane Branch on a river cruise to watch sunset from Indooroopilly Island. Hear educational commentaries about bats and the river along the way. See tiny orphaned baby bats on board ... more

One Step Closer to Disaster for the Environment

The announcement that a draft memorandum of understanding streaming environmental approvals between the Federal and Queensland State Governments has been signed brings no joy to Wildlife Queensland ... more

Bird paradise at risk. Due to be destroyed and replaced by a Parking lot

The lake nicknamed Swan Lake by bird lovers is set to be filled in by the owners of the Port of Brisbane and replaced with a parking lot for new car arrivals waiting to go to dealers ... more

Queensland’s national parks or recreational parks?

When will this madness end? The national park estate is about 4.8% of Queensland - well below international recognised desirable standards and certainly below other States and Territories ... more

Student Research Grants - 2013

Read about the five successful projects to recieve funding from Wildlife Queensland and the WPSQ Endangered Species trust ... more

Opera house traps continue to kill platypus

Wildlife Queensland is simply aghast at the lack of action by the Liberal National Party State Government in addressing animal welfare for our native fauna ... more

Rare fungi feeder hops into limelight

This Long-nosed potoroo, a shy medium sized marsupial, often mistaken for a bandicoot, was snapped last month as part of a wildlife survey of the property. ... more

Are Plant Species at Risk?

On 21 May 2013 Hon Andrew Powell, Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection introduced the Nature Conservation (Protected Plants) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2013 ... more

Congratulations Professor Hugh Possingham

SProfessor Hugh Possingham has been awarded a five year $2.4M Australian Research Council Laureate to allow the development of a rigorous framework for deciding if protecting habitat is better than restoring it ... more

Great Barrier Reef still at risk!

UNESCO has deferred a decision to place the Great Barrier Reef on its ‘World Heritage in Danger’ list. UNESCO was advised by the Federal Government that progress was being made to address their concerns ... more

New Wild dog check fence in central western Queensland?

The Queensland Government is funding a call for tenders for a feasibility study of a proposed new wild dog check fence in Central Western Queensland ... more

Federal laws essential to save our iconic places .... NOT ON!

Despite the efforts of Minister Tony Burke the Federal Government was not prepared to protect the places and wildlife we love. The mining industries won the day! ... more

Inquiry into the future and continued relevance of Government land tenure across Queensland

A final report by the State Development, Infrastructure and Industry Committee of the Queensland Parliament was handed down on 31 May 2013. Key recommendations to be alarmed about include ... more

Give a Gift to Wildlife Queensland - Annual Appeal 2013

As an organisation Wildlife Queensland is working harder for wildlife than ever before. We need your help to continue our important work. Every little bit helps – you can really make a difference by supporting our 2013 annual appeal ... more

Grazing on National Parks - questions that need to be asked

Wildlife Queensland like many other conservation organisations is totally opposed to opening up National Parks for grazing... more

Give the Federal Government the power to protect our national parks!

Our national parks protect some of the most beautiful landscapes and provide critical habitat for our unique native plants and wildlife. The Queensland Government is pushing to open up our national parks to various destructive practices for short-term political gain ... more

Grazing on Parks: where is the science?

The recent announcement by the LNP Government to permit grazing in several national parks has drawn negative comment not only from the community and conservation movement but also the Federal Government... more

Government Action to Protect Wildlife     

The LNP Government has taken initial steps to create a glider refuge on Brisbane Southside in the Flinders Karawatha Corridor... more

The swing of the pendulum: Vegetation Management Framework Bill 2013

The Minister for Natural Resources and Mines stated 'The previous Labor Government had allowed the pendulum to swing too far towards extreme green policies' ... and this was the justification for breaking a commitment of the now Premier, Campbell Newman, made prior to the last election ... more

Mother’s day Vigil for our precious bushland – 19 May 2013

Unlit candles will be held, at a Vigil of concerned mothers and grandmothers, this Mothers' Day at 10.30 am, in the Botanical Gardens in Brisbanein a quiet but deeply felt expression of concern about the possible forthcoming Vegetation Legislation proposals. ... more

Power to Move on Flying Fox camps

The Environment and Heritage Protection Minister proposes to allow local authorities to move on flying fox camps without applying for the necessary permits ... more

Exciting opportunity to work for Wildlife Queensland!

Wildlife Queensland is looking for a dynamic, hard-working and friendly person to work as Senior Projects Officer based in our Brisbane head office on a 12 month contract part-time position ... more

Quoll Seeking Success!

After three months of searching, the hard work has paid off. A healthy male quoll was photographed, providing valuable evidence that they are still persisting within Scenic Rim Regional Council area ... more

Biodiversity - Genuine concern or electioneering?

Wildlife Queensland welcomes the Federal Government's intentions to extend its powers under the EPBC act to include coal mines and coal seam gas projects that have a significant impact on a water resource. ... more

Has 'Can-Do' Campbell gone batty?

Wildlife Queensland is simply aghast at the Premier’s latest attempt to gain community support yet again at the expense of the environment and our wildlife ... more

Biosecurity Bill 2012 Delayed

The long awaited Biosecurity Bill 2012, three years in the making, will not be enacted during the life of this Government ... more

Community support for the curlews of Coochie

As a wildlife volunteer, you may find yourself exhibiting unusual behaviours - like walking slowly along the streets of Moreton Bay’s Coochiemudlo Island ... more

State Government encourages the Shale Oil industry

Wildlife Queensland continues to be amazed at the so-called benefits for the community the LNP Government in its wisdom continues to introduce at the expense of the environment and its wildlife ... more

Coral Sea Marine Reserve – a step closer

The second public consultation period for the Commonwealth Marine Reserve Network, including the jewel in the crown - The Coral Sea Marine Reserve, closed on 14th February 2013. Due process now follows ... more

Action on the Fisheries Front

The Hon John McVeigh, Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry recently advised Wildlife Queensland, a key stakeholder, that the coming year will be a very busy year ... more

Proposed Amendments to the EPBC Act update

The Council of Australian Governments recently reaffirmed its commitment to broad environmental regulation reform that enhances efficiency and increases certainty for business while maintaining high environmental standards ... more

Make the environment your Valentine today!

While you can't hug a turtle of give a koala a bunch of flowers, you can show your love for our special places and wildlife ... more

Silt threatens Moreton Bay

While Moreton Bay seagrass meadows seemed to fair well after the 2011 flood, another major flood could be putting even a resilient system to the test ... more

Recreational fishing in Qld Marine Park green zones rejected

Prior to the March 2012 State election, there had been a very strong push from the recreational fishing lobby to allow fishing in the green zones. Wildlife Queensland put a counter argument that the status quo remain ... more

Coral Sea Marine Reserve - draft management plan

On 14 January 2013, the Commonwealth Government released the draft management plan for the Coral Sea marine reserve. There is one last opportunity for you to have your say and make a contribution ... more

Connecting with Nature: The social dimensions of feeding wildlife

Recent research into people's connection with nature suggests that having a sense of connection with nature is of great importance for human wellbeing and conservation values ... more

Australia helps pave the way for conservation in Vietnam

On January 5, Wildlife Queensland hosted a high level delegation from Vietnam for a conservation corridor site visit in Australia, building on Australia’s learnings in the practical establishment of wildlife corridors ... more

Update on Nature Conservation and Other Legislation Amendment Bill

At the close of submissions on 19 December, about 85% of submissions opposed the amendments to allow permanent ecotourism facilities within national parks ... more

Australia helps pave the way for conservation in Vietnam

In January, Wildlife Queensland is hosting a high level delegation from Vietnam for a conservation corridor site visit in Australia, building on Australia’s learnings in the practical establishment of wildlife corridors ... more

Council of Australian Governments Meeting

Wildlife Queensland gives qualified support to the outcome from COAG which at least deferred the inappropriate action of devolving assessment of environmental impact to the states ... more

Environmental Assessment: what is the Federal Government thinking?

For reasons best known only to itself, the Federal Government is seriously considering devolving the environmental responsibilities of the EPBC Act to the States and Territories of Australia ... more

Nature Conservation and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2012

The Bill allegedly facilitates peoples' access to national parks, reduces regulation, repeals 'unnecessary' legislation. In reality it opens up national parks for permanent commercial infrastructure and long term leases ... more

Mahogany Glider update - Tully Branch

This year has seen the Tully Branch forge very productive partnerships. The post Yasi opportunity to secure more habitat for the Glider has been the main thrust ... more

The Future of Protected Areas

Des Boyland, Secretary to the Wildlife Queensland State Council presented a paper outlining the functions of the Protected Area Estate, the current situation and his prediction for the future... more

PlatypusWatch Update

This December, 58 volunteers are rising before dawn and taking to Brisbane creeks to help gather data on platypus distribution and abundance ... more

Grey Cross Campaign update

According to organisers, this coordinated campaign on 3 November was very successful with various groups displaying the Grey Crosses at sites from as far north as Port Douglas in Queensland to Melbourne in the south ... more

World’s Largest Network of marine reserves proclaimed

On 16 November 2012 the Australian Government created history when the largest network of marine reserves was proclaimed. Wildlife Queensland commends the Government on its action ... more

Pied Imperial-Pigeon monitoring project

At the Australasian Ornithological Conference last year, two papers were presented on Queensland pied-imperial pigeons, specifically on the valuable data acquired through long-term counts at breeding colonies ... more

Don't Shoot Bats - The Grey Cross Campaign

On one weekend in November, the aim is to raise awareness of what is being done to these unique and special animals, and to say that animal cruelty, and killing threatened species, is never acceptable ... more

Death by Barbed Wire

As seen in this picture taken on 12 October, the dangers of barbed wire fences to wildlife are well documented. It is a threatening process in recovery plans for a number of species including the mahogany glider ... more

Koala Funding Boost

Wildlife Queensland applauds the funding boost announced today by Andrew Powell Minister for the Environment and Heritage Protection ... more

Sunshine Coast Regional Council fails to protect Woondum National Park

Peoples' enjoyment is at risk because the previous State Government approved a noisy quad bike operation. The Sunshine Coast Regional Council could have helped protect this National Park but ... more

Environment and the Queensland Government - 6 months on

The LNP Government has been in control for over 6 months, the budget has been handed down and public servant numbers reduced. How is the natural environment and its wildlife weathering this time of change? ... more

Proclamation of the Commonwealth Marine Reserves Update

Currently it is a waiting game. Date for submissions on the proposal to declare the Commonwealth Marine Reserves has passed ... more

Flying Foxes Targeted

The LNP Queensland Government has seen fit to announce amendments to the Nature Conservation (Wildlife Management) regulation 2006 to permit up to 10500 flying foxes to be killed annually ... more

National Threatened Species Day

On 7 September, Wildlife Queensland took conservation to the people in the Queen Street Mall, Brisbane. The spotted-tailed quoll, northern quoll, mahogany glider and Richmond birdwing butterfly were featured ... more

Talking Wildlife - Visual Summaries

Wildlife Queensland's 50th anniversary conference, Talking Wildlife, featured a stellar array of speakers and more than 200 attendees. The two days of ideas and information are well worth sharing and building on ... more

Qld Government reintroduces shooting of threatened flying-fox species

Threatened Species Day (Friday 7 September) is being marked this year by the re-introduction of government-sanctioned killing of two threatened species in Queensland – the Grey-headed and Spectacled flying-foxes ... more

Quolls under threat near Warwick

As reported in the recent Quoll Seekers Network News, the proposed development at Cherrabah near Warwick was open for public comment until 8 August ... more

Threatened Species Day: 7 September

Join in, have fun and support our endangered wildlife projects. Wildlife Queensland will be at this year’s BIG event in Brisbane’s Queen St Mall featuring live animals, wildlife activities and presentations ... more

Myrtle Rust - how you can help reduce its impact

This serious fungal disease continues its spread. It will be highly unlikely that Fraser Island will remain free from this rust with devastating results for the many myrtaceous plants susceptible to this disease ... more

Surviving the Magpie Season

Did you know that the morning chorus of the magpie is considered to be the most complex song of any bird? At this time of year, with the looming threat of a magpie attack, it can be hard to appreciate this fact ... more

Inquiry into Government land tenure across Queensland

The State Development, Infrastructure and Industry parliamentary committee is holding an inquiry into the future and continued relevance of Government land tenure across Queensland ... more

DestinationQ Forum – but what about nature?

In the early 1990s Australia was a global benchmark for ecotourism. Today, as the rest of the world catches up and passes us, are we in danger of walking away from this status? ... more

Conservation projects with a bright future

Wildlife Queensland is pleased to announce the 2012 recipients of our student research grants. Here are the 5 applicants who each received $1000 towards their research project ... more

Environmental Defenders Office faces financial challenge

The Environmental Defenders Office (EDO) has been another victim of the LNP Government'’s 'claw back the dollars attitude' ... more

Friends of Taunton National Park

Wildlife Queensland and its Upper Dawson Branch have worked cooperatively with the new Queensland Government to establish the first Friends of Park partnership in Queensland. Taunton National Park is the location of this working relationship with a wildlife focus ... more

Wildlife Queensland meets with Minister

Hon Andrew Powell, Queensland’s Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection held a meeting with us to discuss flying fox issues ... more

Commonwealth Marine Reserves Network Proposal

The Australian Government has released the details of the largest network of marine parks in the world made up of five major zones around the coast of Australia. ... more

World Heritage Status of the Great Barrier Reef at Risk

A joint World Heritage Centre/IUCN report has been released that indicates in the absence of substantial change, there is a distinct possibility that the World Heritage Listing of the Great Barrier Reef is in Danger. ... more

New Weeds of National Significance

Twelve more weeds of national significance have been declared. Unquestionably this is a step in the right direction. However unless appropriate actions are implemented little benefit will flow ... more

Nathan Dam back on the agenda

The Nathan Dam and Pipelines project is again back on the agenda. The EIS has been prepared under a bilateral agreement between the Commonwealth and State Governments. ... more

Commonwealth approves two major Queensland projects

Commonwealth Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities recently approved the Connors River Dam and pipelines project as well as Moranbah to Alpha pipeline project. ... more

The vulnerable koala: are we in time to save our national icon?

The Australian Government recently listed several koala populations as 'vulnerable'. As koala researcher and conservation planner, Chris Adams-Hoskin is most impressed with Minister decision ... more

For more information about Wildlife Queensland's activities, email or call +61 7 3221 0194.