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Embrace a wilder life by subscribing to Wildlife Australia. We can’t bring you nature that will scratch and bite but here is the next best thing: stories and images from those whose care for nature comes from deep insights.

The nature experience can be powerful, but often requires interpretation. Wildlife Australia is a hub for people who value their relationship with nature and know it is enriched by knowledge. 

A subscription to Wildlife Australia won't cure lumbago, sciatica, gout, rickets or whooping cough but it will cure two modern ailments: dislocation from nature and existential malaise.

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Wildlife Australia is a not-for-profit magazine and all proceeds go to support wildlife conservation projects.

Cover Photo © Michael Snedic         

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Inside the Autumn 2014 edition of Wildlife Australia

Photo © Tony Daley

Surprising icons

Tim Low

Of even the most famous wildlife, there are still many tales to tell.

Australian springtails: tiny titans of the earth

Penelope Greenslade

They are champion leapers and diligent composters, living beneath your feet.

On fire

John Woinarski

The mismanagement of fire costs biodiversity.

Sturt Desert Rose
Photo © Michael J Barritt

Australian pastures of the sea

Len McKenzie

Neither seaweeds nor true grasses, seagrasses are one of Australia’s most valuable habitats.

Specialised and stranded: rare plants in the Grey Range

Jen Silcock

Harsh environments can be havens for special plants.

Australia’s lost diggers

Kit Prendergast

What are the consequences of Australia losing its digging mammals?

Starfish in Seagrass
Photo © Len McKenzie

Private and protected: where to for conservation covenanting?

Carol Booth and Cristina Romero

There are rays of sunshine in the growth of conservation covenanting.

The not so humble bush block

William J Lines

Through Land for Wildlife, delight in wildlife can be transformed into much more.

Why my safety threatens the safety of wildlife

Terry Reis

Keeping safe on wildlife surveys is becoming onerous, to the detriment of consultants and wildlife.

Photo © Judy Donlop

Confessions of a sustainability wannabe

Murray Hogarth

As the sustainability movement flounders, where to now for conservation?

An Australian upstart: Ludwig Leichhardt’s contribution to evolutionary theory

Rod Fensham

The famous explorer helped validate Darwin with Australian bones.

Dirty business

As fossil fuel mining massively expands in Australia, undermining the global potential to rein in climate change, four recent books about mining are well worth the read.

Frogs, reptiles and mammals: bigger and better

Three important new books provide complete coverage of Australia’s frogs, reptiles and mammals.


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